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Mar 9, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

Burr(Gucci Voice)
15 Tons of snow from Sweeden is NOBIGDEAL if your name is KARL LAGERFELD.

SOO, today was very HOT lol. I got advised by the fashion chair and THANK GOD i am graduating on time, SPRING 2012 (if the world doesn't end, lol JK)
Looking at everything im in good shape but randomly taking 12 hrs each semester of my senior year :/...I just only have to worry about summer school and paying for these last semesters of my stay. Oh and my internship, she's telling me next summer. AND she put a note on my scholarship apps so they don't over look mine BUT i have like a 3.41 so idk if i will even get anything.This is all due to my core classes ive been finishing, nothing i love or am inspired by so im doing average.
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