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Mar 22, 2010


Anyone watch G4?
Olivia Munn is on the new cover of COMPLEX!
It is a quite interesting compilation.

ALSO congrats to my boy DIGGY; just turned 15 and just signed to ATLANTIC RECORDS,
it is official!


JustNorman said...

i've actually been waiting to see this. i would watch her show like DAMN GIRL YOU FINE. WHEN YOU GONNA BE ON A MAGAZINE COVER? guess it's her time to shine. A+



Panty Buns said...

How wild and hot! It's been so many eons since I ran around in my lingerie in the great outdoors somewhere I'd forgotten. What a delightful post! Very talented pics too. You do look good too.

Jevon said...

I always love Complex's concepts haha. there soo funny :D.
THe Kid Cudi one is my favorite

Liz Inez said...

Congrats to Diggy.

And that layout was different. wierd. but i #LOVE it.

Life of lelo said...

never seen the show but always the commercials

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

omg i cant belive he singed thats dope

MalibuMara said...

i called it,
haha i have a eye for talent

but we all saw this comming, he's too dope

Elisabeth A, Gry J said...

cool blog! Like it!
check out mine, leave a comment! :)

ryder said...


Betty and Veronica said...

Wow pretty cool! I love the design aspect of it all. And congrats on your friend signing!


J. said...

Very Snow White!

Mom Fashion World said...

Thanks for sharing this, sweetie!
Sorry, I never get a chance to watch it.

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