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Mar 5, 2010

You Didn't RSVP

Thats Ok, Thats Ok
So the movie i am anticipating will be opening today,
Will i be seeing it?
NOPE, im going to the Houston Rodeo.
Ive never been, SHOCKER.
Lol, As a person who has lived in Houston and never been thats pretty rare. But my BF is taking me to see Mary j. Blige.
I hope its fun,
Im going to take pics :)

While im Uploading these photos,
I can't help to think about my own photoshoot comming up on SUNDAY.
My friends over in college station at putting out an Ep i think and im the cover gal :)
SO i have to go over to the studio for some shots,

I just dislike having to go there on sunday and be back LATE and have some early morning classes.
I think i'll be fine,
You guys have a great weekend,
Im going to be kinda in and out of this blog, im sorry its gotten kinda slow but school is getting kinda stressful. I thought this would be my easy semester but it really showed me who was boss. Im getting advised for classes next semester so who knows whats gonna happen :/
I hope im on track, i should be i have 60credits, i need 120 to graduate and im a sophomore. Im taking one to two classes this summer. I have no clue why im telling you i just needed to vent my stress :P But yea, im hopefully going to enjoy my weekend i'll have LOTS of things to blog :)
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