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Apr 2, 2010

Rachel Bilson for CLEO mag

SHES definately one of my faves,
i ALWAYS post her editorials... Probably bc i LOVED the OC! Omg i miss it,
i have seasons 1 and 2, still need 3 and 4.

THANK GOD it is Good Friday. I am in Houston :) But i have alot to do. I have to create a window display and i don't know what to do... UGH. I think im going to do a spring them i need to go to hobby lobby and also study for two tests monday, not to mention try to sew my dumb skirt together :/ Its so hard, lol. Its a skirt with pockets, pockets are not my friend. I also need fabric for the purse im making to go with it. LOTS TO DO. ugh. SUMMER WHERE ARE YOU?


Nehemiah P. said...

Although my load is different I share your pain "So much to do in so little time!"
My life has been like this consistently for some time.
The less you stress the more you can think. Be Blessed!

Panty Buns said...

I hope you have a creative inspiration for a creative window display that attracts peoples' attention. (imagining a shroud being drawn back revealing me in lingerie - nutty, eh?). But seriously, best of luck with all your study, tests, sewing, fabric finding and ideas. I'm sure it will all turn out well.

Unknown said...

Yeah Summer where are you im looking for you too..been looking for you since the beginning of Fall LOL

goodluck on your test and post pics of the skirt on here

J. said...

Rachel Bilson is as gorgeous as always!

Good luck with your busy weekend...mine should be low key now that my family has left, but come Monday, it's back to work!

MalibuMara said...

thannks guys for all the encouragement,
you are all too cool :)

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

OMG i love the OC too

Bellair said...

i havnt yet watched the OC im actually not sure if its on in the UK lol
could u follow my blog, its new and and iv only got like 1 so it would be great if u cud follow.
lov ur blog so im defo followin

Anonymous said...

good luck,and u should make a vlog sumtime when u have a chill week

Anonymous said...

Nice post ' Check out my blog

MalibuMara said...

yes i want to make a vlog soon!

Rock Couture said...

Nice shots of Rachel!

kimee said...

I love her too.
shes gorgeouss

Morgan said...

ahh Rachel looks gorgeous!!!

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