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Apr 2, 2010

Rachel Bilson for CLEO mag

SHES definately one of my faves,
i ALWAYS post her editorials... Probably bc i LOVED the OC! Omg i miss it,
i have seasons 1 and 2, still need 3 and 4.

THANK GOD it is Good Friday. I am in Houston :) But i have alot to do. I have to create a window display and i don't know what to do... UGH. I think im going to do a spring them i need to go to hobby lobby and also study for two tests monday, not to mention try to sew my dumb skirt together :/ Its so hard, lol. Its a skirt with pockets, pockets are not my friend. I also need fabric for the purse im making to go with it. LOTS TO DO. ugh. SUMMER WHERE ARE YOU?
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