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May 11, 2010



Im DYING. SOOO about spanish, I was packing my room, and saw that I FORGOT TO TURN IN AN OLD TEST I TOOK! Omg, im freaking out. She doesn't write grades so shes just keeping all out papers till now to find out our grades, Im going to die. My BF put it under he door to see if she got it. I SWEAR, im going to die until i get that grade, of course she will take forever. I want to cry, i have never been so stressed. I have 2 more tests, i have to file my scholarship in the scholarship office, pay a library fine, PACK, and fill out a form for a NEW money award. Some senior is donating $1,000 and im really qualified for it, but its so last minute. OMG. EVERYTHING IS LAST MINUTE.  UGGGGHHHH.

I'll blog most likely on Thursday, TOMORROW might kill me.. lol.BUT i will be doing a video blog :) so cya later people, encouraging words are appreciated.


HipHopCulture said...

Good luck with it all, im going to check out when ya next drop a post.

peace :)

JustNorman said...

don't stress Malibu I'm pretty sure she writes it down. we're ALD certified, we don't fail.


mdimplez6 said...

just keep saying to yourself "I'm Almost Done!!!" lol you will make it i know it =)


Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

i wish the best on your finals!!!

misselisak said...

I know the feeling hun! Just work through it. When it's over, you will be so happy and relieved despite the outcome. Stress and disappoint is always short lived.

Justin said...

Try to keep/find your inner-peace back! I know its hard, you just gotta deal with it.. But I know you'll get it togheter :) keep your head up it will be over soon! And than you gonna have alot of FUN! (F)inally (U)nconcerning (N)ow. Haha, you'll get trough it!

J. said...

Just don't forget to breath!!!

Meccajw said...

awww, dont worry , SUCCESS is right around the corner.

*TEE* said...

thats stressful!! but at least you got it in to her.. i go through crap like that all the time.. trust me.. it works itself out for the better in the end.. especially if you truly care about your education.. stay encouraged doll :)


Nehemiah P. said...

Forget the Spanish for now. If you keep harping on it it could affect your other finals and important things you gotta do. You did everything in your power for this spanish class now it's out of your hands. How will stressing help you?

PeculiarRoyalty said...

goOdluck with everything just remember to breathe!!!!

Jordan T. Dilwood said...

good luck don't try and stress it to much. comment on the blog sometime

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