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May 8, 2010

HAUL post

My first one :) My FAVORITE necklace ever was purchased yesterday.
I'll give a a hint a-la:

all my purchases and SURPRIZING prices under the cut:

Definitely hit up one of my favorite shopping streets in Houston and got this AMAZING Prada inspired necklace that came with the earrings for $5.45 at some store called "The Accessory Place" lol

I LOVE my headband, its denim and gorgeous :) $3.45 from "The Accessory Place"

Same store, i saw this for $1. To use my credit card i needed to have a $10 purchase so i grabbed this lol.

ALSO i talked about going to RUE21 and getting some cute floral things:
The leggings were $3 the shirt was $6 and the shoes were $6

DO you like the accessories i picked out? Would you buy accessories since i have access to wholesale accessory outlets? Just questions hahaha.



Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

i love everything you bought!

Shabna said...

oh my gosh I love everything! The prada inspired one looks great - a lot like lovemaegan's DIY version! <3 xxx

MalibuMara said...

I saw lovemaegan's DIY and was going to make one but buying that materials costed more than just buying this necklace so thats what i did haha

ShibySheree said...

I ike the prada necklace and leggings,
i would sooooooooo buy it!

Anonymous said...

wow! those are dope!

Justin said...

Flowered leggings are dope! My sis got em aswell, I think its cool!

*TEE* said...


Tilly said...

yes that is all hot dope fresh anything you want to call it but this is why i commented i could get you in touch with someone at ruelala i will try my hardest all you have to do is comment back on this and just look at my blog and its all settled and if you could you do not have to but just one tiny shout out and comment on one of my again you do not have to it is optional but if you do thank you

Mumtaz® ♥♥♥♥ said...

that necklace is hot i love it!
and those silver shoes are cute :)

J. said...

Gorgeous necklace, what a steal! I love to shop for inexpensive gems!

And those shoes were $6? I'm so jealous!

Ilse said...

woah, cute items!

Jamila said...

Loving it !!

Jazz said...

OMGee I can't believe you found that necklace for so cheap. Cute!!!! And the rest of the stuff bangin' bargains!

Maggie said...

I love that necklace and when I start working this summer it's a goal of mine to hit up Rue 21 for the first time! Your picks are so inspiring lol.

Anonymous said...



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