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May 5, 2010

I Want Summer

NOW. I mean, i have the weather down.But school is in.. Kind of.Today was my last day but i have a final on Monday and Wednesday. UGH , they shouldn't be hard. Spanish will be the only hard one... I HATE that class. EVERY SEMESTER i get ONE class i just want to die in. Today was a bad day. I woke up late and just been irritated and now i'm alone and bored in my dorm. Ah well. I bring a DOPE post with forever21 fashion again. They have a cute spring lookbook and i LOVE the florals, i just bought some floral things as well :)

I went to Rue21... its very similar to forever21 lol
I got floral leggings, a cute floral top and some oxfords. I need to make a video,
I'll insert it later, im going out... NOW lol.
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