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May 17, 2010

Interesting Morning

I ran into this article about COACH. I generally don't like coach because in my city thats the only label people here can afford so they buy all of the styles and act "High Class." It makes me laugh! Im like, get a YSL or Goyard THEN ACT HIGH CLASS. I literally see elementary kids wearing coach stuff. BUT ANYWHO, i was ranting, Coach did a collaboration with 4 BLOGGERS and are selling some limited editions of their bags online, WHO DO YOU LIKE THE MOST?

Kelly Framel of The Glamourai,and Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Simpson of What Is Reality Anyway, Karla Deras of Karla's Closet.

I LOVE KELLY'S BAG, i want it! NOW. its so cute :)

Sooo, I went online to check my grades,
My teachers finally put them up...
I don't know what happened but remember how i was freaking out about spanish?
I have no clue, so My grades were:
FCS130(sewing)                       A
FCS160(design and art)         B
SPN262(Spanish 2)                  A
ENG265(Western Lit)              A

They don't give you a number grade, just a letter for those wondering. IM EXCITED :)
So all my scholarships should come through at 4:00 today and NOW i'm eligible for MORE than i was before, PLUS i also made THE DEANS LIST again :) SO this morning was great! SO FAR, i need to register for summer classes now, hello philosophy at 7:00 in the morning UGGGH.


AMPMArchive said...

the exact opposite is happening for me i got suspended for 3 DAYS!!! for something i didn't evemn do but to me its a 3 day weekend but my parents wont get off my back but im really diggin this post though

Unknown said...

ugh i so agree with you on the whole coach situation. It pisses me off too.


TRAKGIRL said...

grrrrr ;/


TOXiC said...

lol oh my cock post Ms. Mara lol



Nehemiah P. said...

So you mean to tell me you were stressing for no reason? lol
Congrats you did good.

TM said...

Wow, so cool things!!!!!

Jevon said...

awww good for you, Glad to see your happy :D
and I like Kelly's bag the best
Congrats on the grades

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

man i hate coach i think its just boring

Panty Buns said...

Congratulations on your grades and on making the dean's list! Again! As far as the bags go, i'm more concerned with how they look and how they hold my makeup and accessories than how expensive (or not) people think it is. i kind os like the looks of the bag Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmire is holding. i only have black purses so far, but could use a new one. i wonder how the compartments are inside?

Justin said...

Great grades! Im happy for you, and kelly's bag is pretty much the dopest one! Haha, ive just got my dutch exam went pretty easy, and in a couple hours I got biology hope I'll do well on that aswell.. But congrats to you :)!

J. said...

Great job with the grades...an A in Spanish? And you were so worried! And B in the crazy art class too!

I really like Kelly's bag...The color, size, shape and texture are perfect!

John Panichella said...

long time no talk! good job on your grades aha. I still check your blog often. Definitely on my top 10 list =]

La Jodi3 & La Couture Also Known as Jaelin B. and Tiara H. said...

Congratulations on the grades... thats really a good thing... u should reward yourself w sumtin really nice... maybe wake up early and check the mail for your scholarships will be a great reward... LOL!!! and about the bags i Like kelly as well because suddenly i began to like the small kind of round shape bags!!!!

Unknown said...

I generally don't like Coach either ..for the same reason ...but as far as bloggers go ...I liked Karla's & Krystals best.

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