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May 22, 2010

Summer Workouts

Oh my. I always gain weight when i move into the dorms.Starting monday i have to go to the gym. But as a true fashionista, i gotta do it in style!
Read more about my weight and summer goals under the cut:

My freshman year was soooo bad, I had a meal plan and boy did i gain weight from it. I had a lot of unhealthy habits that i never had before i had a meal plan. My sophomore year wasn't as bad. I had an apartment so i cooked, but my problem is snacking. I snack because im bored, i HATE our gyms so i never worked out. I really should so next Monday in going to start again. I used to be a dancer, and i was super fit. I mean yea, im only 5'2'', but i weighed like 98lbs. Now im at 112. I get that im 20... but still.I miss being fit. I had a 4 pack my arms and calves were cut. My summer goal is to get back to that. Being "skinny" doesn't mean anything.  I would rather be fit. Not gonna lie i have a pretty fat ass but i don't want it looking like cottage cheese anytime soon so we gotta werq! hahaha
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