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Jun 4, 2010

FRIDAY inspiration

Boo work.

It's summer time and the livin isn't a easy as i would like it to be.

I just want to lay down and sleep like these cute puppies!
If you are wondering how sometimes i post and then on twitter i say i worked all day i schedule posts, if i have some time to write before :)... Like today haha
MAN, im getting a little tired of this job.
Sooo, basically everyone is leaving and im being relied way too much, i JUST got back... i need a life! I want to do other things besides work, i have summer school too. And i know most people don't; but i like being with my parents bc i DONT live with them all the time! I think they just don't pay me enough, or i am worth more than what they pay me. I don't get paid bad, i just do more work than some of them! Sooo, i've been hunting. Nothing great yet... but everything happens for a reason so we'll see what happens.
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