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Aug 23, 2010

Back to School Syndrome

Well, School starts on WEDNESDAY.
Im going to do a picture post of my outfit and then a video of my classes that day :)
I was going to do that over me moving but I was so busy I just wanted to hurry up and move already and just put everything away! My room looks pretty much the same as last year. The only problem I have is that the computers are sooooooo slowwwwww here! OMG. I was like WTF? Maybe it will get faster thoughout the year, IT BETTER. Im not feelin this lol.
BUT one thing I AM FEELING is this backpack I came across on EBAY that Im getting.

Its only $2.99!!! And Im obviously spending the money I won from selling my Ipod Shuffle. I ordered a few things from amazon prime as well with my FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING :) Thats Dope :)

I love how it converts between a bag and a backpack because I needed both. 

Well Im feeling settled and like myself. Boo people trying to jock my style. I think thats wack. You can only be yourself, not someone else. AND DON'T FORGET you can always do yourself better than anyone else :)
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