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Aug 23, 2010

Back to School Syndrome

Well, School starts on WEDNESDAY.
Im going to do a picture post of my outfit and then a video of my classes that day :)
I was going to do that over me moving but I was so busy I just wanted to hurry up and move already and just put everything away! My room looks pretty much the same as last year. The only problem I have is that the computers are sooooooo slowwwwww here! OMG. I was like WTF? Maybe it will get faster thoughout the year, IT BETTER. Im not feelin this lol.
BUT one thing I AM FEELING is this backpack I came across on EBAY that Im getting.

Its only $2.99!!! And Im obviously spending the money I won from selling my Ipod Shuffle. I ordered a few things from amazon prime as well with my FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING :) Thats Dope :)

I love how it converts between a bag and a backpack because I needed both. 

Well Im feeling settled and like myself. Boo people trying to jock my style. I think thats wack. You can only be yourself, not someone else. AND DON'T FORGET you can always do yourself better than anyone else :)


Anonymous said...

That bag is freakin gorgeous!
it's looks like a very practical bag for school :)


Jevon said...

I like the bag :D And i check out the old video log haha it was really entertaining

HipHopCulture said...

That bag looks good. Have fun at school and I like your vlog type posts before so I guess your next one will be dope. You can get some dope stuff on ebay for cheap prices. And I agree with You can only be yourself. Your nearly at 1000 followers thats dope lol.

Nico said...

$2.99?! Crazzy... I hope it lasts you a good amount of time. But I suspect you won't get too heartbroken if it doesn't haha? I love it though. That's kind of something like I wanted for myself!

JustNorman said...

I've been on ebay like a mother since the refund, and except for a few exceptions, amazon is the ONLY place to buy books.



Kiera said...

lol..thats pretty cheap..
hope its durable..
im lovin it tho
but good luck with school :)
i started last week...college is kewl so far..i hope it only gets better.. :p

much love

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

Soo worth it for 2.99

MalibuMara said...

i forgot to mention $10 shipping
but i dont mind getting it, i think its pretty dope we'll see what happens.

Jenna Hughes said...

it's so cute! you are so lucky you found an actual cute backpack for cheap! i start school too soon, i'm going to be a senior :)


Lost said...

omg love the bag!!

Missariadne said...

Lovely bag!Kisses.

SusuanaLove said...

Gd luck for school
cute bagggg I think the vintage bagpack looks is really in
I should realy think about clearing out my room too buut I cnt be bothered :? lol


Warola:) said...

Ö So cute this blog!!
I'm goint yo follow u ok??



Kevin said...

kidlifestyleonmoon.blogspot.com brings fashion, and music. you should check it out. btw like the blog

Buddy said...

That bad is well good !

I'm on the hunt for a back to college bag aswell !


Follow me home said...

love the bag, great find!!!!!

shipping to ireland is 5 times the price of the bag though =(

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