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Aug 2, 2010

Music Monday, Uffie of Course

We all know I love this little nonsense Blonde.
'Diesel announces a partnership with musician Uffie for a limited edition capsule collection consisting of 12 pieces combining leather and denim with intriguing cuts and mixed materials. These collectable items will be available at Diesel stores and selected contemporary stores worldwide beginning of November 2010. To celebrate this partnership, Uffie will also be performing at special Diesel events globally starting with Hong Kong on August 6 and Tokyo on August 9.”

SO Hell weeks begin, hahaha, working like crazy to prepare for these visits!
Lots of scheduled posts coming.(like this one lol) Today i work 11:30-8. I dont want to, visit #1 is tomorrow. But ah well, money is the motive. Like i said nothing is in balance but shout out the the brother Jevon for helping me decide on a course of action for it.


Monster Style said...

i like this post. i love the magazine cover pic

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

I wanna see what else they come up with cause it looks good!

saagar said...

loving the pic

JustNorman said...

when are you gonna stop fuckin around and get 1,000 followers? I'm living vicariously through you you know.


MalibuMara said...

lol IDK, tell people to follow my dope ass blog!
haha and yes, i LOVE uffie. shes so catchy.

Sylvia said...

they had an event last summer in Brooklyn with M.I.A as the main act! It was freaken awesome!!!!!

Miss you girl!

Your sketches are amazing...so happy your following your dreams!

Jevon said...

Late. BUT anytime sis, I have your back! : ]

Kiera said...

good post...

i love me sum uffie
but alot of my friends dont know about her...glad u do tho :p

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