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Aug 4, 2010

Wednesday Walking Post

I think I only post celebrities I don't really care about walking LOL.
Well, This is the Ashley Tisdale walkin in her Louboutins. I like this outfit alot.
2 more under the cut, AND a cool interview from the girls at http://lorineandwilglory.blogspot.com/.

Her necklace says hellcats, her new tc series on the CW. Its about cheerleaders or something LOL.


Read it here: http://lorineandwilglory.blogspot.com/


HipHopCulture said...

Ashley Tisdale looks different to last time I saw a picture of her. Great interview by the way. Hopefully your blog be at 1000 followers soon.

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

Dope inteview!!!

MalibuMara said...

thanks, and yes I'm waiting with anticipation lol

Justin said...

Great interview sis!

Anonymous said...

shes pretty,
her shoes kind of bother me though.

A. Jessup said...

im really liking the blog. ill follow you if u follow me :)

Bellair said...

im followin u
could u follow me?

Kiera said...

nice post...
loved the interview btw..very nice

Unknown said...

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Follow-Comment Pleaz
And I'll Follow Yours.

Prince said...

Check out my blog please and give me some feed back ( Lavish-Junkie.blogspot.com )

Kiera said...

hey hey...just letting u know that i thought it was only right for me to add you to my post today..
check it out if you want

much love

Tanya said...

Great outfit, she looks really nice!

Anonymous said...

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