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Oct 18, 2010

Makeup Monday

I freaking LOVE JLovesMac1's youtube channel! She's freaking hilarious. She reminds me of Raven Baxter. SHE'S THAT HILARIOUS! She's even inspired me to make my own youtube channel! SO look out for that soon. I'm about to film my next haul post on it sooooo it is going to be AWESOME:

She has great style. AND yes I want to do a whats in my school bag post as well!
In other school news,
I am freaking exhausted but I STILL have upcoming school work. I can't relax until thanksgiving... That is a LONG time. Oh and i currently despise my patternmaking project. Stupid pattern pieces don't line up...

The return of my sewing kit... It looks a little... ROUGH. hahaha

Of course you can't tell in this photo^ Its a 1/2 size cut muslin. And I'm tired of it. I don't even want to work on the full size. But at least I finished it in the 2 hour time unlike 80% of my class -____-


Fidelyn said...

wow! can't wait for your youtube channel. gossh! i feel lazy to sew. you seem to be a very good student. keep it up

MalibuMara said...

aww thanks lol
im trying to get my channel finished but my computer is being dumb :/

Urban Fashionisto said...

omg!! i love her 2! she is sooo funny! im excited for your youtube channel! i've been stressed with college apps and scholarships, cant wait until this process is over lol i love your blog. keep it up!

Ramona said...

She is so funny and gorgeous as well! Great post!
Looking forward to see your you tube channel!!
Ra xo

michelle_ said...

ahhhh yesss she's sooo funny and she has great sense of humour !! the first video DID remind me of raven ! i missed that's so raven on disney channel alot too..


SusuanaLove said...

You were right she is soo funny lol
looking forward to your videos
the shape of the tunic looks good too


Maga'§tyle said...

She's beauty !!!!!!!!

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