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Oct 27, 2010

Wednesday has Never Been So Random

Did you know Baptiste Giabiconi has a pop song out?

And... It's not THAT bad..
AND, he's easy on the eyes:

Obviously a slow news day....
Well things that I might have missed talking about or didn't fit in anywhere really...
1. Kanye West's runway video was really DOPE duh, everyone said it and posted it, so I wasn't going to as well.We all saw it, it was amazing. People who don't get it are just really mainstream and uncreative. I will always love Kanye. I never hated him during all the drama. For the 293492384 time, he is the reason why i started blogging. So yep, RUNAWAY was AMAZINGLYAWESOME!

2. I liked Lebron's nike commercial... EFF the haters. HAHA, who cares? Basketball is his career, he can play where he wants. If you feel "betrayed" you are too attached to someone who doesn't even know your name.

3. My youtube channel is up, BUT there is no content YET! I have a toooon of ideas and probably going to start cranking out videos this weekend!SUBCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE!

4. Im still sad Michael C. got kicked off project runway, I mean, I LOVE Mondo but I think Michael was still amazing! I wanted to cry when he was crying :/ and yes, I still HATE Gretchen.
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