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Oct 21, 2010

WHY is it so HOT?

Is it because I live in Texas, the BIPOLAR state?
I got a HALF-TAN today.One of my arms is blackkkk, and the other is a Caramel color.
BUT ANYWHO, I really want to wear some of my jackets and blazers I bought. SOMETHING I WANT, is what QUEEN RACHEL is wearing.
Burberry. Coat.
Too bad it costs MORE THAN MY tuition.
Anyone else have $3,995 laying around?
I Also love the Black Shearling one, it reminds me of a black poodle.
AND I DIE for the simple aviator style shearling jacket.

This and the black one at $2,995.
ONE DAY my closet will be full of little jewels like these.
AND ALSO, speaking of Rachel, did you know she is suposedly expecting a baby.... BOY!
Im upset. BUT there is a new season of the ZOE Project sooooo, they'll talk about it... IF that is even true. I WANTED HER TO HAVE A GIRL!
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