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Nov 19, 2010

"The commonplace may be understood as a reduction of the exceptional, but the exceptional cannot be understood by magnifying the commonplace."-Edgar Wind

And Observation on Method (paraphrase)
Friday Insipiration

More under the cute:

This friday inspiration describes me haha, I am going to forever 21 today(minnie muse collection what,what), I love lipgloss, I really want a puppy! Haha, it goes on, but anyway. ALSO, I am officially the Fashion Merchandising Club president, and a lot of people seem excited sooo I'm looking forward to it, BUT I don't want to be disappointed. I mean, as long as we have more than 4 people are every meeting I think I will be happier haha :) We are coming up with a ton of ideas so hopefully it will go grand, and if not, hey, its on my resume ;)
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