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Nov 12, 2010

"I Dream My Paintings, Then I Paint My Dreams"-Van Gough


LOL,Catch up with me under the cut:

SOOO I'm in Houston this weekend. My mom is going to the Philippines for a month!SO to catch up with me, I picked my classes for next semester already BUT I dont like my schedule. I am waiting until drop day to try to work it out better. YEA 2 words, NIGHT CLASS. UGGGHHH. And its a presentations class, so its easy, I just get lazy after 6. WHY have a class every MONDAY at 6-8:50, sheeiiiiittttt. 
LOL. Anyway, I also bought my mom a coach crossbody for when she's at the airport. It was really cheap, well, cheaper than it was. I got it for $96 so I'm pretty happy. PSH, but it's her Christmas present! ALSO, I'm looking for a job this christmas!OMG, I am not even being picky. I just need a quick cash flow for the year. 
I have my class ring coming up since I'm a JUNIOR and then my DALLAS trip for FGI career day. I have to drive there and stay in a hotel, AND NO its not a school thing. I get to drive myself, and pay for it all. SO YEA. BOO THAT. 
I also need some work wardrobe haha, my new rule is I can't buy anything new unless I am able to wear it in a workplace. I always see tshirts BUT I dont buy them. It's sad :/ BUT I need workwear more. SO Im proud of myself!
OH and if you don't know I am working on my YOUTUBE channel. I LOVES IT. I mean,I only have like 3 videos up BUT I have a ton of ideas. Its just editing them that poses a problem. Obviously you guys know I don't have the most reliable computer sooo it crashes EVERYTIME I publish a video :/ SO SAD. 
Thats was a long catch up, anyway have a great weekend :D


Harry said...

One of my favourite Friday Inspiration really enjoyed this post Mara :)

Harry said...

oh and the last one is funny :)

Ramona said...

So amazing inspiration photos!
Great post!

xo Ra

MalibuMara said...

oh thanks guys :)
i love the last one its sooo true.

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...


TRAKGIRL said...


misselisak said...

I'm glad everything is going good for you. Love your channel!!! And I love this inspiration. The photos are magnetic. LOVES IT!

Confessions Of A City Girl said...

love them

Check out my blog...

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I'm so in love with that big huge blck bow w/the Chanel earrings. It's adorable.

Dee O. said...

These photos are BANGING! Wow, I especially love the first one :)


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