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Nov 1, 2010

Tim Gunn Dictionary

I LOVE this.

I want to have an extensive vocab as him!
I had to post this because I am coming from a LOOONNGGG day of fashion classes and PATTERNMAKING class. Boy do I understand why these designers are stressed out all the time. Im making a take on a simple sheath and I'm pissed at bust darts not lining up and all types of notches and seam allowances. BOO.
WE also DISAGREE WITH GRETCHEN WINNING! But, he said it hilariously, she needs the money, Mondo will be Mondo. SHE NEEDS THE MONEY. And I'm sure thats why she won. Her stuff looks like things in the store already. Mondo was a breath of fresh air. Or, air laced with acid bahahaha.
AND we both agreed, Michael C. should not have been eliminated when he was. They had nothing stopping them by saying "you know what, you made it this far you can show as well" He deserved it more than Andy.
ANYWAY, I have to write a paper. ANNNNDDD PREP FOR EPISODE ONE of MalibumaraTV haha. Its not the best, it'll get better with time, TRUST.
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