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Nov 3, 2010

Weather is Here

It was fall outside, nice 50 degree weather! I guess I'm changing from the Filipino Texan I should be, it was "COLD." It felt nice. I decided to share my outfit, that is something I don't do alot because often can't but hey, today I got the chance.
ADDED excitement, I uploaded my first youtube video, however, it is LOW quality. The next idea i have in mind will have better lighting.

OH, and about the election. I am kind of upset along with all the other Democrats that all those tea party members who have been swept into office, undeserving. I honestly thing it is more important to UNIFY, I don't care if you are a Democrat like me or a Republican. It is upsetting to see serious issues NOT get accomplished because people want to divide everything into "GOP" and "Democratic" issues. It is stupid. Nothing is getting done because of it. Honestly, it is the GOP that is causing most of the problems, I hate seeing scare tactics and I hate malicious fear mongering. It is so dirty, I don't want to take most politicians serious. They spend more time building a career they don't care about real people with real issues. I just wonder if there is a way to run the government in a way that something actually gets done and there isn't so much division.
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