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Dec 11, 2010

Down For the Cause

SO I just realized I am using some of my B-day Money to give back. After eating out in the Woodlands I plan on swinging by forever21 to grab some bracelets for a cause!
Forever21 has "Feed 2 " Bracelets for $5, and proceeds feed 2 people from the color country that corresponds with the one you chose! I seriously want one of each!
Red: Provides 2 school meals in Swaziland, a country with the highest HIV prevalence in the world
Blue: Provides 2 school meals in Haiti, a country in which approximately 70% of children under 5 years old suffer from malnutrition.
Gold: Provides 2 school meals in Honduras, which houses the third largest School Feeding Operation in the world.
Silver: Provides 2 school meals in Pakistan to aid victims of the recent flood and earthquake that devastated millions Pakistani children.
Black: Provides 2 school meals in Kenya, benefiting over one million children within the U.N. World Food Program's School Feeding Operations in Kenya.

I am also investing in an additional Haiti bracelet that helps create jobs! It is 4.80!

Is it weird I'm so excited for these bracelets? Planning on stacking the feed bracelets for a cute layered look, chic and beneficial :D


Doni Brown said...

Happy Birthday....I will probably do the same!


The Fashion Buzz said...

Great way to spend your birthday money! :-)

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

Good cause!

Urban Fashionisto said...

thats so cool of you and forever 21. I hope you get that job.

Unknown said...

what a lovely way to support a CAUSE! will look for something to do on this side of the world :)


Anonymous said...

I think that's an awesome way to give back and celebrate your birthday in style.

Melina said...

Happy birthday! And what great causes to give back to! I'll have to pick up a few while I'm Christmas shopping!


.but i like it.

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