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Dec 29, 2010

Is This Real Life?

I don't wear Toms, i think they look weird on my feet. But why  does Skechers have a brand called BOBS? And BOBS also donate one pair of shoes for every pair you buy.
I understand trying to be philanthropic but blatantly ripping off an existing idea is ridiculous. 
They even cost about the same sooooo I say stick with TOMS.SO you might ask, why hasn't Blake the founder of toms complained? He actually started TOMS with the hope that other companies WOULD copy his idea. He truly cares about kids who need shoes getting them. Skechers actually took the bobs off of their site after they debut BUT they can still be bought through other retailers. AND I have been seeing them and was really confused, and was surprised to see it was such a large brand that was doing it. CRAYCRAY.
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