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Dec 21, 2010

It's The Most WONDERFUL TIME of the Year

Is it really? 4 days till Xmas and I wore sandals, a tank top, and ate ice cream. Its 80 degrees here.
In other news, I had more people to shop for. I mean, I dont have money now, I just like picking out gifts and wrapping them. I need to be a professional gift wrapper.
I feel like an inspiration post:
OMG sewing joke, i like overlock too, it more finished looking^^^

Well I'm back working, yea I'm at Justice. LET ME EXPLAIN. The lady at the other job, which I can now reveal was Charming Charlie, was still doing her apps process and wanted me to start NEXT YEAR! I needed  job now. The work isn't bad bc the store is doing crappy, BUT bc the store is doing crappy I in turn, get crappy hours. BUT EVERYONE ELSES HOURS ARE BETTER. I think it's just for this week though... IT BETTER BE. shit.
Oh and my old ass Spanish teacher never emailed me back. Hopefully she hasn't died. I NEED THAT GRADE FIXED.
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