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Jan 4, 2011

Christian Dior Denim Flow

I had to name this post that just bc Sessilee Lopez looks AWESOME in the photo shoot!
It's 944 Magazine December 2010 issue photographed by Marc Baptise and styling by Kithe Brewster.
Automatically thought Black Swan. I like the dresses, the styling is average. ANYWAY, shout out to everyone in school, LOL. I start school on the 19th!


julianna said...

ou first photo!!.and this lips !..ou!!..


SusuanaLove said...



SE said...

I love the lips!! And the first dress is amazing

misselisak said...

I agree. She is stunning. The fashions aren't half bad either ;)

allergic to vanilla said...

yeah I can see black swan in there. I saw Sesille walk at the Jose Duran show in NYC last Sept, and it was beyond!! a stunner for shureee!! xo lina

allergic to vanilla said...

haha all kinds of typos's in that one...I meant Sessilee..obvi

haha xo lina

M I N G said...

wooo, cute dresses.

MalibuMara said...

Yea I spelt it wrong too but I can't fix it bc my computer is broken :/
sorry everyone but no blog posts for a bit
I will miss you
I have been exiled to my iPod touch

J. said...

She is unbelievably beautiful...amazing eyes! But that first dress is incredible! Enjoy the last 15 days of vacation!

RC. said...

loooove this pictorial !

HauteMangoGirl said...

that mint lipstick - so fierce!


Anonymous said...

shes gorgeous.

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