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Jan 7, 2011


Since my computer died I have been at the library renting books (it's free you know? lol) and I came across this GOLD book from Nina Garcia called, The Style Strategy. I don't really like her on Project Runway but I decided to give it a chance, and MY oh MY I LOVE IT.
It is full of great advice on building a wardrobe, AND what inspired me was a section on revamping old clothes. Im at a point right now where that is what I needed to hear. And immediately after reading it I went and sewed a few new pieces, and discovered new pieces in my wardrobe.

I LOVE the Graphics from Ruben Toledo, I'm thinking about buying this book!

ALSO, I think it will come in handy for next semester, ALOT. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

She kind of has a series of them, so I have to slowly start to check them out!
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