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Mar 8, 2011


Jordan Dunn looks fab! But i heard when you have a child young you bounce back easier, no lie. LOL.
Shes 20, she did some interview but Im more interested in the photos. COLORS and COLORBLOCKING.

The interview is under the cut if you care:

Designers I don't have a favourite designer because I feel every designer offers something different and special, but I do really like Alexander Wang, Burberry, Stella McCartney and Balmain. I have a beautiful purple Zac Posen maxi dress, which I'm dying to wear. I'm saving it for a special occasion.

Memorable outfit
I wore a black, yellow and green Punkyfish blazer with tight black jeans and bright-yellow thigh-high Converse to a Teen Vogue casting and got the job. My agency thought I looked crazy - looking back now, I can see where they were coming from.

High heels I don't wear heels. I'm all about flats from Chanel, and wedges. I love my Gucci wedge boots.

Bags During the day I usually carry my Mulberry Bayswater bag or my black Dior bag.

Denim My favourite jeans brand is J Brand.

If you could shop in only one store I would choose Selfridges because I love to mix high street with designer clothes, and Selfridges is the perfect place for both.

Food I love anything to do with cooking, from watching the Food Network to reading recipe books by Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Levi Roots. My favourite types of cuisine are Asian and Caribbean, and I love cooking new recipes for my family.

Gadgets I always have my BlackBerry Torch in my hand. I would be lost without it. I travel a lot and my iPad is very handy. I get to catch up on TV and play games.

Favorite place in the world Wherever my family are. I love being around my family. I am very close to my mum, my brother, my grandmother, my aunts - we constantly poke fun at each other, but it's all done out of love.

Restaurant I haven't yet found my favourite restaurant but I do really like the Meat & Wine Co in Westfield, west London. I love their barbecue chicken wings as a starter and their steaks are really good.

Music Growing up, my household was always filled with music. I think we were the noisiest house on the street.

I love listening to R&B, hip-hop, basement (dancehall), funky house and a little bit of dubstep. My favourite artists right now are Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, Drake and J Cole.

Beauty essentials I can't live without my YSL Touche Eclat or my Vaseline lip balm.

Moisturiser I love using Crème de la Mer moisturiser, especially before going to bed. When I wake up my skin is moist and radiant.

Hairdresser Renda Attia from the Blow Salon takes care of my hair. She's a real expert when it comes to afro hair. Models' hair can become really damaged because of the constant styling, but Renda saved my hair and I can now be proud of it.

Perfume My two favourite perfumes are Daisy by Marc Jacobs, which I wear during the day, and Gucci's Guilty for the evening.

Inspiration This may sound really cheesy but my son is my inspiration. I just look at him and he inspires me to want do more and work harder, because now I'm not doing this only for me.

Perfect evening A perfect evening would be getting my son to sleep by 7pm, having dinner - pan-fried duck with jasmine rice and stir-fried veg - and then chilling in front of the TV with a glass of rosé, watching my favourite programmes, EastEnders, Come Dine with Me, Glee and Iron Chef. I would end my evening with a nice, relaxing bath with candles and lots of bubbles.

Biggest luxury My Mini Cooper convertible. I love it. I'm really looking forward to the summer just so I can have my roof down and play my music really loud.

Smallest luxury A Galaxy chocolate bar and a glass of white zinfandel - both so good on a stressful day.



Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

amazing pictures.
love the colours of the outfit.
she is so pretty.


MalibuMara said...

she looks amazing.

J. said...

Great editorial! And she has the best legs around right now!

J. said...

PS-Your Vlog is awesome! You really look great on the screen! (I don't think you talk to fast.) And $40 for Pumas? Great bargain!

Superblondeep said...

OMG! amazing!!! i love all pics!

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