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Jun 2, 2011

Street Style, Future thinking:

SO, I am currently enlightened and convinced I need to travel to all the music festivals INCLUDING COACHELLA 2012. Next year Coachella will be over 2 weekends, April 13-15 AND 20-22! So basically they just want to make twice as much money, but it gives more people an opportunity to go.
Coachella always has cool street style:

(This makes me want to do this:
                      4th of July nails, haaaayyy)
Totally summer perfect, especially in Houston,TX. UGH it was like 100 degrees yesterday, and it hasn't really rained here at all.



Urban Fashionisto said...

I wish I could travel like Bryan Boy :-/

Alicia said...

I love festivals, good music & great outfit inspirations! Lovely post!


Kenyetta said...

i really want to go there! i need to start saving so i can make the trip next summer. I'm so gonna try to do those fourth of july nails they are fun and cute. love the new layout by the way :)

J. said...

I've been thinking about checking out Coachella as well, but for now I will continue to go to ACL here in Austin. (Thankfully they've moved it to October the last few years, in the past it has been so hot!)

allergic to vanilla said...

oh man I totally have been wanting to go to Cochella- for like ever! I only live a few hours away, ok maybe about 8..haha! anyways I've always been inspired by just looking at all the styles...yum boho chic!
xo Carlina

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