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Jul 31, 2011

DIY American Apparel Pouch

Yes this is another AnneorShine DIY that I tired. Her tutorials are so simple! And I really wanted one of these and the DIY took me like 30mins. I added a lining on the insides of mine though, she does not. At American Apparel they are anywhere from $50-70, this DIY costed me about $10.

I used 1/3 of a pleather I found on sale for $6 a yard, they had some amazing materials that were well over $30 a yard that I could have used, but I have never made a pouch before so I didn't want to mess up. I might go back and make and ostrich one LOL.


Anonymous said...

Cool lining part! Yours looks different than hers but cool in its own way.

ChiKing said...

im sorry, i was more focused on those nails,those are nice nails.

Doni Brown said...

Super cute! I'm going to try it!


Ms. King said...

I definatly been watching her videos and I subscribe to her channel after the last post you did about her DIY videos.

vivi said...

HOW haven't i thought about it before! it's so easy and so awesome!!

TheDapperDime said...

This is TOO cute! How did you line the leather before sewing on the zipper or after?

MalibuMara said...

before sewing the zipper in.
you sew the lining in all the way around leaving about 4inches and then flip it inside out so there is no seam on the outside.

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