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Aug 5, 2011

Project Runway Rundown.

Last nights episode was full of cray cray. I love the unconventional challenges! This week the designers were told to take items from a pet store and make them chic. Of course they were told to avoid the typical dog beds, things that resemble fabric, etc. Lot of gluing and sass later, the results were all over the place.
I was mad at Bert (not pictured.)He had immunity so he took that as an excuse to not try, and did the most boring dress ever.
MY HIGHLIGHT was STACEY BENDET as a guest judge.You might know her from the line ALICE and OLIVIA.
I wish I had a close up on her outfit and accessories. They were so perfect, and we all know I love accessories. Le Sigh.
A Stacey Bendet post is coming, she is just too amazing.
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