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Aug 17, 2011

Spirit Hoods & Boho Chic :)

I am so obsessed with these even though I would probably never be able to wear one and/or they are kind of pricey ($128-178). I think I'm going to the fabric store and busting out my sewing skills I have been using all summer.  They've been seen on different celebrities and my dream winter wardrobe is just asking for one.You can get them at their website: http://spirithoods.com/womens/, or the link in my sidebar to the trend boutique.

So when people in the past asked me how I described my style I had no clue what to tell them. I never defined myself in that way, But lately since I've been packing I discovered my style is "Boho Chic." I like slouchy clothes, dessert color palates, minnetonkas... I mean it basically slapped me in the face and said DUH. Just thought I'd share my new found revelation with anyone who was wondering... LOL.
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