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Aug 17, 2011

Spirit Hoods & Boho Chic :)

I am so obsessed with these even though I would probably never be able to wear one and/or they are kind of pricey ($128-178). I think I'm going to the fabric store and busting out my sewing skills I have been using all summer.  They've been seen on different celebrities and my dream winter wardrobe is just asking for one.You can get them at their website: http://spirithoods.com/womens/, or the link in my sidebar to the trend boutique.

So when people in the past asked me how I described my style I had no clue what to tell them. I never defined myself in that way, But lately since I've been packing I discovered my style is "Boho Chic." I like slouchy clothes, dessert color palates, minnetonkas... I mean it basically slapped me in the face and said DUH. Just thought I'd share my new found revelation with anyone who was wondering... LOL.


Unknown said...



Unknown said...

These hats are so cute!!:D Like them!!:D

Stop by some time:D


Demo said...

Cute :)


Anonymous said...

You can get one from spirithoods.com for 15% off your entire purchase with promo code SHLOVE

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