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Aug 10, 2011

Style Icon- Jeannie Mai

Now that I'm home I have been watching the Style channel nonstop. I'm obsessed with "How Do I look?," a makeover based show. Jeannie Mai is the host and she always looks so fab! You learn so much watching this show, Its cray cray how people percieve themselves. Studying fashion, people always try to down grade me and pull out the "Well I don't care how I look.. Blah Blah Blah" But that is never true. Style really is a reflection of who you are. And if it's not, we will never know because you are portraying the wrong image. Style is not a science, but it sure is an art.

OMG her signature blue hair.... I wanted blue at the beginning of summer. I might rock some blue tips.. shes so amaze.



vivi said...

<3 blue! u would be gorgeous. :)

M I N G said...

I've never her blue hair.. and you're right. Every one cares in some sort of way.

Urban Fashionisto said...

I agree! I like her blue highlights.

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