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Aug 24, 2011

Wednesday Walking- Chanel Iman

Chanel always looks fab runway and off runway. Sorry about the lack of posts, school started today and its already taking over my life. Le sigh. BIG NEWS COMMING THOUGH.



M I N G said...

She is so faaaab. I remeber when I idolized her every freaking move. Loll

JanandJill.com said...

She looks so amazing, i love her thigh high boots. What a cool post, she's really pretty.


That girl; Saadiya said...

I'm in love with her, seriously, she looks AMAZING like all the time!

Ashley Williams said...

I love Chanel!! she's small & petite like me :)

Malibu Mara said...

shes 5'10" !

fsdfsd said...
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