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Sep 22, 2011

Burberry Love.

I have been a bit absent, while I have been gone a bit, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week have gone on.; not to mention my Weekly Fashion life in general. I really want to talk about all the cool stuff I'm doing, But I have to wait. Just know that I am really happy and excited. I also saw Stedman Graham yesterday. He came to my campus to speak. He talked a lot about being productive, and to find yourself. Basically, I have been living life the right way. Find something you love and you never feel like you're working.... CHECK!

In FASHION WEEK NEWS, Burberry has won my heart. I mean when you end a show with glitter I can't turn way.

Prints at Burberry= LOVE.

Traveling back to the hometown tomorrow. Even though I have like 934934289 things to accomplish. Bleh. Never going to slow down ever. This is all because I relaxed ALL summer. LOL. Im almost positive.
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