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Sep 27, 2011

Photoblog 9.27.2011

Study all night and all morning for Sales Management test. Still eh, about it. Results should be up soon though... AHHH.EDIT: I scored 212/225 :) LOL and then in the grade distribution he said it was : A10,B 17,C 04,F 01. DOPE.
I need to start stalking people too as part of my research! Lol.
Had 5 guys for the first time, its aight. Good burgers, fries need help.

Oh and Frankmusik's new album was downloaded last night at 11:11. AWESOME. The album is AMAZING, true pop! Its better than I expected. If you miss 90's pop and true artists who produce and write their own stuff, go download it, its only like $7.99!
I have ombre nails finally, I have this many shades of orange, and then some. Its cray. Oh and it matches my phone tassels I bought on eBay.

I just want to rest my head and count sheep. Don't we all?Le sigh, I have a few meetings so I'll just lay here and day dream...
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