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Oct 17, 2011

'Twas Homecoming Weekend.

We mighty fine Bearkats are now 6-0! We beat everything out of Nichols, 47-7. LOL.
I did decide to show some homecoming spirit for my senior year, so I actually braved the direct sun (I wore sunscreen this year! Best invention ever!) and stayed for about 2/3 (I left when it was 30-0, It was obvious we were going to win) of the game.
My friend Narvina and me at the game! I, in true Mara fashion couldn't just wear a SHSU shirt, I have to wear an Orange cami and accessorize appropriately.

Also snagged a cup and shirt! Its a pretty good quality cup too, I was kind of surprized. Our theme was "Peace, Love and Bearkats" You can barely see it on the cup, it is written in orange.I don't have  pic of the shirt but its pretty cute!
I am now very dark from the sun, but nooo sunburn this year! SPF85 is no joke.
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