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Nov 10, 2011

OOTD + Macaroon goodness!

I had an interview today, this is what I wore:
Forever21 Blazer//Dotted Swiss Daniel Rainn top from Marshalls//random skirt from garage sale//fossil watch

I love being able to work in fashion, I can look cool at interviews and have them say they like my style :) Yes that happened today. I got good news, they said they really liked me and I have to go back for a second interview. The bad news is that the second interview is in 2 weeks -____-IDK what to do. I want to wait it out because I really like that company and I think it would be a great opportunity, but also I don't want to get rejected and have to scramble to look for another position.

This photo above chronicles the lemon goodness that is my first bite of lemon macaroon amazingness. I also bought red velvet and salted caramel. OMG SALTED CARAMEL IS MY SECOND FAVE! Red velvet was bland. But I love the texture of these, my only negative is that fact that these little petite sweets are freaking $1.75 each! Thats pretty much as cheap as they come in this region, too bad I'm obsessed.
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