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Dec 27, 2011

It's almost 2012

(Cocaine 80s-Anywhere But Here)
Anyone else as annoyed as I am with hearing how people are going to "Make a change," "Be a whole new person," "Take over" Or the most annoying of them all "2012 is my year." ....You say that every year. STOP IT. Change starts slowly over time; start now, start yesterday. I can't believe how quickly this year went by!
All I look forward too is blooming. The seeds have been sown, and its time to blossom.



Jenna Hughes said...

i love all these inspiration shots, especially the roses and alice of course. hope you have a great new years


Urban Fashionisto said...

I totally agree! I I hate when people say that and this year did go by fast. I love your pictures!

- UrbanFashionisto.com

Jackie said...

Lovely photos! I adore the flowers!


Anonymous said...

yeah i feel you. i just hope the dooms day stuff dont happen :o


FASHIONISMYWAY by Cristina L said...

Amazing quote!!And that's what I want for 2012...BE HAPPY!!

Happy 2012!!!


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