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Jan 4, 2012

I'll Be Your Dynamo

So we all have heard enough of my obsession with Frankmusik over the summer. He disappeared recently and deleted his twitter. Well last night his fiance posted an update from Flop of the Pops blog.
He has changed his name to VDI (Vincent Did It!) and according to the interview:
F: What can we look forward to from VDI in 2012 and beyond?

V: Shit that I should have never stopped making.
This is GREAT news for people who have loved Vincent since Frankisum and complete me. He unleashed a track called DYNAMO and it's perfect pop, and exactly what you would expect to hear from him. Don't get me wrong, Do It In The AM was good, but he even admitted it was a totally different sound for him. When you have a great niche, stay with it. And he is.
It's not like Frankmusik is dead, its a progression. I'm sooo looking forward to VDI.
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