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Mar 5, 2012

Memory Lane

     One of my earliest memories of fashion was when I was in 5th grade. I was in art and my favorite shirt was this cool tee that looks like someone made it from a perfect image of the clouds. It was a GREAT cloud fabric print tee, and I swear I wore it every week at least once. I paired it with acid washed jeans very often.I swear if I ever find a shirt like this again I am going to buy it.
     Something I always wanted were a pair of black pants with the galaxy painted on the right leg. I tried them on and showed my mom. I looked at her and said "These pants are so tight!" At the time, "tight" was slang for "cool." My Filipino mom did not get that. She thought I meant the pants were ill fitting and refused to buy them for me. My heart melts everytime I see galaxy printed hipster clothes. I need to buy something from this mini-trend. I'm obviously still reserving a spot in my heart if 12 years later I am still dreaming of these pants I saw when I was 10.
     I make it seem like I'm scarred for life! LOL. But seriously, these are my first clothing memories.
The popular ones are from Black Milk Clothing. The old school artist in me wants to DIY this.
Am I the only one with these fashbacks? Feel free to reminisce with me? haha.


Kenyetta said...

i obsessed over a pair of my brothers levi overalls he would get mad every time i took them lol.

MalibuMara said...

Omg Overalls, I used to have a ton... I can't bring my self to ever wear a pair again

Shasie said...

Wow, I never thought about galaxy print on clothes. I like that. Hahaha that's funny about your mom's interpretation of the word tight. Yea my words were Da Bomb, Phat...and more...lolol

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