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May 31, 2012

H&M Opens in Baybrook Mall: From Plebeian to Press.

Scene: Baybrook Mall. 9am.

Characters: Lone Plebeian Blogger, Malibumara. Nikki, Colby, Shasie.

Story: EST. Arrival, 9am. Walking, walking, walking forever. I'M HERE. Maybe the 300ish person in line. Next to a cool trendy kid missing his last day of high school; and another girl reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. We all are here for the awaited opening of H&M BAYBROOK. It was the perfect day to forget my iPod (Sarcasm). At least I stopped off for some Starbucks and doughnut holes.
(2 hours and small talk later)
I discover the lady behind me is carrying a Pink Tazer. cool.
(30 minutes later)
I receive my awaited placement pass. Nikki also shows up around this time! You exchange the placement pass for a scratch off worth between $10-500.(I never get to do that).

Excuse my poor nails.

(10 Minutes pass)Character becomes Press!

Miss Shasie from Live-Life-In-Style picks up Miss Nikki and I, and carries us to H&M
I ran into the lovely miss Nicole Christie from Fashion Star, and Joy sewing, as well as some other bloggers. I even filmed a little segment for the news at 5pm, channel 2.

I made it out with some cool stuff, but you have the watch my video to check it out...
Once Inside I immediately shopped and had inner turmoil over what purchases I should make, but I got 2 shirts, a pair of work trousers, a necklace, and key chain for around $30. Mainly work appropriate things. I might go back for a bikini, they were only $5! Since I was with the "press" I got a percentage off my purchases, so no scratch off (because I forgot about it until it was too late) and no gift bags (boo, I love gift bags).

My New camera apparently makes MP4 videos that I can't edit with my current software! ARRG. Soooo, stay tuned for the video. :/

Overall the sales, store concept, and merchandising mix are really great! If you see anything cool in the post go check it out at Baybrook mall. There are great summer sandals and bikini's that are on my list.

EDIT: Catch me on the news looking like a babbling fool. Probs because the news guy was hot.
(Video won't embed, sorry for the link)
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