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May 17, 2012

Infinite Summer

As I get accustomed to the increasingly predetermined status of "Unemployed College Grad," I have been able to think about life. Peruse the thoughts of a static mind, and really reflect on what is really going on. I am currently in the process of phone interviews, but I am still weighing the options of the outcomes that might develop from any decisions that I might make. Can I admit I'm still California dreaming? I admit everything happens the way it's supposed to. But THIS is different. I'll just go with the flow, as usual. 

AND if you are also a recent grad or just want a laugh about being a recent grad, read this HILARIOUS Jezebel article: NEW GRADS, YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING

In Other, Other News, 3 episodes of community come on tonight! Hayyyyy, :) sad it won't be back until the fall. It will also be back on a Friday next fall.

I'll be live tweeting most likely. Screw American Idol.
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