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Jul 21, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Another long and busier week than expected, sorry for the lack of posts. This week was full of good eats! I need to incorporate more of my looks, I think I look pretty spiffy at work-- if I do say so myself.
CAPTIONS: It rained like 10 days straight, I kind of liked it but my office has no windows... so I couldn't enjoy it// One of my fave looks, this is was 'Go Astros' day... I don't own Astros stuff #sorryimnotsorry// I went bowling. I suck and broke 2 nails.// I also ate as unhealthy as possible :)// We had an icecream social at work. It's so beautiful :')// God gave me a four leaf clover!// OMG. Cafe express=SO GOOD.// I also suck as basketball... but I love this shootout game.//New Lauren Conrad Flats (See below.)// Uptown park is my favorite place// My spider-man obsession continues with Spider-man graham cracker snacks. SO GOOD.
And Holy cow, I refuse to believe that July is almost over!
I am in Love with my new Lauren Conrad Flats from Kohls.
I got a gift card for grad and decided to swing by and see if I could find some things. These flats were one. SO COMFY and on sale for $25 right now! She has some cute pieces but I am in the market for new staple items for my closet. I will make a post on that soon (IE when I am done buying the said staple items.) I also Have a haul post, summer essentials, and reviews coming up soon! BUSY BLOGGER.

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