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Sep 16, 2012

Life in the Affirmative

I have been obsessed with the BCGC affirmation bracelets for a while and I finally picked up one on Friday. They come with all types of afirmations and Im really upset I couldn't pick up the "Boss" or "My bad" one. They even had one that said "Inspire."They retail $18-26.
 I settled for "Fearless" because sometimes I wish I was. I like to pretend I am. 

Do you spy my Michael Kors? I caved and bought one. I avoided it for soooo long, it's such a popular watch and you know I don't like the whole crowd thing. Oh well, I love it.
What would yours say? BCBG says, "Its a way of updating your status without going online." Tres Chic.
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