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Dec 16, 2012

STYLE ICON: Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa leads the way in ‘chav chic’
Cheryl Cole and Tulisa Contostavlos have more in common than some may
think. Apart from both being X Factor judges, they each started their careers
at a young age and were famous for a style that has been described by some
fashion magazines as ‘chav chic’: a fashionable re-imagining of clothing
popular with inner city youngsters.

Urban sportswear, cropped jackets, scraped back hair and plenty of bling are
a quick way to get the look.

The difference between the girls is now that Cheryl has found fame; she
tends to dress more like Victoria Beckham than Melanie C. Tulisa, on the
other hand, stays true to her urban roots. Indeed, alongside the glam dresses
you might see her donning on a Saturday night, she’s often spotted wearing
tracksuits from various urban brands and trainers like the Adidas Originals at Very.co.uk.
This decidedly edgy look has drawn a lot of admirers, and a lot of criticism.
The video for her latest video, Sight of You, sees the star looking sultry while
strutting around an urban backdrop. Teaming a classy little black dress with
a pair of killer heels may sound like a no-brainer for instant cocktail party
glamour, but Tulisa chose to add her own bit of chav chic in the form of a
black hoodie and cropped red leather jacket.

Fashion forward Tulisa matched her bright red lipstick to her jacket, showing
that the star pays attention to fashion trends and can incorporate them
effortlessly into her own distinct style.
A less successful outfit was seen in the same video. The star reclaimed the
tracksuit by wearing a pair of figure hugging black joggers, a black t-shirt and
a denim waistcoat. Combined with lots of bling and a great pair of trainers,
the Daily Mail called the outfit ‘chav-tastic’. Perhaps the denim waistcoat was
taking things a little too far, but Tulisa is always pushing the boundaries of
It’s not all urban renewal for the N-Dubz star, though. Kate Middleton was
spotted at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee wearing the same Alexander
McQueen dress that Tulisa had worn a year previously. Infrequently
displaying the same fashion sense as the Duchess of Cambridge may not
give you much in the way of street cred, but at least it’s proof that there’s hope
for Ms Contostavlos yet.....

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