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Jan 1, 2013

Hello 2013!

So as the year 2012 brings to a close it is only stereotypical and routine that I reflect on this year as a whole. I've seen tremendous growth through this blog and I want to shout THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting me. This blog started in a dorm at Sam Houston, Belvin Buchannan: room 215. Its been 4 years, I graduated in May of this year, and life has been nothing like I would ever have imagined. So here I am, working in the corporate world, attending random fashion events, losing love, getting a new car. And of course lame stuff too like bills,being overworked and underpaid, lack of sleep.
So many new faces have come in to my life and I have always lived by the rule that everything happens the way it's supposed to. I can say that I am learning to be happy. I don't do the whole new years resolution thing, but I do hope to be a lot happier next year. I'm just going to keep going with the flow, I need to just keep working hard.
With that being said, my blog hiatus is OFFICIALLY OVER. I am rebuilding MalibuMara from the ground up. Think of it as a sexy phoenix rising from some ashes or something. 2013 for me will be about new things. I've been going with the flow lately and as unpredictable as it is, I think it's heading in the right direction. I just have to trust this universe.... I mean,  

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