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Jan 9, 2013

Rainy Days, Current Craves.

Thank you Paris. All of the flash flood warnings here momentarily led me to believe buying my new Altima was not a good idea since I used to drive a jeep. It wasn't a bad idea I was alright yo. ANYWAY, the point of the post was to show my love for Hunter Rainboots. I really just want a black pair but I came across these:

Jimmy Choo Hunter Wellies.They're like... 4years old tho. BUT STILL. SO CUTE.
Apparently they make a regular textured version sooo I am on the look out.

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Panty Buns said...

Flash floods can be really scary. I'm a vegetarian so my rainboots don't have any leather, but I can appreciate the style and usefulness anyway. I'm sitting on some warm, very thick polyester and acrylic 17" high bootliners at the moment (I live in the COLD NorthEast). LA sounds nice. I follow you and Paris on Twitter. Love your fashion and inspirational posts and Tweets - and thanks for taking the time to make it all the way down my way-too-long recent post ("A Briefs Update Part 4 - with Customer Lingerie Review Videos") and leaving a nice the comment. I was wondering which of the colours you liked the best?

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