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Jan 23, 2013

Trend Report: The New Asymmetrical Skirt

Since I'm 5'2'',I have never been a fan of the Maxi Dress. I love the drama, so the fishtail skirt was such a natural progression. Of course as the fashion cycle turns... The fishtail (or High-Low) dress is a little played out. For drama and illusion, Im am obsessed with the new Asymmetrical skirt. High-low 2.0? I bought one in a nudeish/peachy (similar to the white one) color for Artopia this weekend! Needless to say I'm going to look super fresh for Artopia :)



Anonymous said...

Oh I love this assymetrical skirt!! I think I like it better than the plain old long maxi skirt!


Panty Buns said...

I don't like maxi-skirts but that New Asymmetrical Skirt has my imagination running wild with situations and variations in which to wear it and situations or poses to try to get into while wearing it. Yes, I'd wear it, even as it's meant to be worn. The skirt's movement is eye-catching.

misselisak said...

It is very cute on the slim figure ladies. Being fuller figured, especially in the booty area, my flaps would have to be bigger wider to balance it all out. I wouldn't wear it but I think is a great new trend :)

cs0jk said...

That white one is gorgeous X


choineczka said...

lovely skirt!

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