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Jan 6, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Django Unchained Review

So if you know me, you know my favorite movies are Kill Bill Vol.1 and 2. It's only right that I made my way out to see another Tarantino classic, Django Unchained. In my opinion, that movie is pretty epic. It's a little long, however definitely worth it. I am soooo annoyed by everyone who says it is making light of slavery and uses the N-word too much. First off, all of the slavery scenes were pretty unbearable--much like what slavery actually was. Yes they say the n-word a lot. In the South back in 1850, black people got called nigger a lot. It happened. Oh, and the other big argument was how Tarantino "Predicted the rise of the KKK too early." In the movie they were called the "Regulators" and rode with pillow cases with holes cut out for their eyes. It was one of the more comical parts of the movie, but it's just that.... A MOVIE. Its a Tarantino spaghetti western, no one expects historical accuracies. This isn't a period film. RELAX.
Bold, yes. Bloody, yes yes. The cast was perfect, I wouldn't replace any of the characters. Samuel L. Jackson's character Steven was giving me Uncle Ruckus from Boondocks. I couldn't even deal.  Fun fact, Django Unchained was the first Tarantino film not to be edited by Sally Menke (who died in 2010.) Editing duties were instead handled by Fred Raskin, who had worked as an assistant editor in Tarantino's previous film. PLUS, the budget for the film was between $83-100million. CRAY. I love you Quentin Tarantino.
If you're interested in other Tarantino films (because trust me they're all great) Kill Bill vol 1 and 2, Reservoir Dogs, Inglorious Bastards and Pulp Fiction are where its at. Not to mention his RZA collab, Man with the Iron fists.

Bonus points for this awesome John Legend song that was in the movie.


Unknown said...

I loved it, too. Thinking about going to see it again.

MalibuMara said...

AHH, Yes I would definitely see it again! it's a bit long but really great :)

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