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Jan 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: January Round-up

Its been a long week. I topped it off by attending Artopia (Article this week!) and getting a new Keratin treatment! Finally paid my car down, got a random review/raise at work (Don't get too excited it's really not a big deal) I must say 2013 is settling in pretty well.
Weekend Wrap-up: 1) Did you know I'm like okay at playing Tekken? Nerd alert. 2)The Coachella line-up is out. I DIE. As usual I will want to go but not make it out. 3) Walking around Rice Village I found this dope street art themed Magazine hangar. Jermaine Rogers work is featured. 4) This might be the second time I've mentioned the awesomeness that is Smashburger. Fried pickles for the win. 5) Asymmetrical skirts for the win! Just a little sneek of the outfit I wore to Artopia. 6) Artopia Arm Party. 7) I feel bad because I forgot this artist's name. Maybe I will find it in time for my Artopia post. Either way his work was DOPE.

So I am dropping an interview next week(Just a guy by the name of... SCOTT MCKENZIE), some information on some things that are to come, AND my Artopia article!

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