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Apr 1, 2013

Hello April, Hello spring.

I can't believe its April already! I feel like it was just May 2012, and I just graduated College... I feel like it was just yesterday I was panicking about how my life would end up... Just remember everything happens the way its supposed to. There has been a lot of struggle to get to where I am, just know that it makes your success story a little cooler. Know that you actually worked really hard for something, the moment you make it, its that much better.
Don't think I forgot it's Music Monday.... Aaliyah "Try again" came on XM radio this morning, I deem it appropriate for the moment.

PS: I did a little spring cleaning today and found all of my UNT paperwork for the MS/MBA program. Is that supposed to be a sign? I can complete the masters completely online... But it was just a random surprise. Who knows where my life is going to take me... But in other news, work is great, life is great... and I should probably do my taxes. Yea, maybe.
ZOMG Aaliyah was so beautiful.
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